hello peeps.

welcome to my officially blog : zeeraazlan.blogspot.com

From here you guys may know me better in every single day tht i through. IF i post it on my blog. So let cheers together :)

ps ; sorry if my gramma kinda sucks.aku mmg mls nk ikut law pon.haha! rojak sudah !!

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Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
the name hazeera azlan. current age seventeen yrs old. legally eighteen on ths september ends. my home town, shah alam. now been living at kota damansara. im studying fr segi unvrsty cllge m'sia. majoring in mass communication. a part of saasrian people once bfr. im still the old zeera nothing change me except for my body shape. love me the way i am aite? eating is what i love to do to full fill my day haha. nando's is totaly mine. love it to the max waaaa :D i put my instinct in the 1st place, hmmm yah i did. i really miss my homies, schoolmates && the oldiest. like & love green color. fans of arsenal. go gunners go!! other than eating wasting my precious time with my babes are what we do in every single day. boyfriend, ouh yah im not taking any port abt it. let gone be by gone (: family do come 1st aite. parents proud wanna be but not perfect in list la haih. last but not least dnt ever judge ths girl name hazeera azlan without knowing her. bcs she can be a very bad person fr a bad judgement & also can be a very good person fr a good judgement, insyallah (: much loves zee♥

Sunday, September 21, 2008

survey murvey


Who was your last text from?


Where was your default picture taken?


Whats your middle name?


Whats on your mind?
him him him.isk


What is your current mood?
lazy + sad + confuse = fuck!


What is your moms name?


What color shirt are you wearing?


Are you close with your dad?
yeah! im daddy's girl :P

If you could go back in TIME and change something, would you?
yes absltly i'll


Current song you're listening?
hanya kau yg mampu ; aizat


Ever had a near death experience?
yes , accident.


Something you do a lot?
Sleeping && dreaming


Angry at anyone?
agak la but i miss him :(


Favorite Month?
january !!!!!!!

Name someone with the same birthday as you?
vince af.hahaha


When was the last time you cried?
past 6 hours

If you could have one super power what would it be?
Power to turn back time and get wht ever i want


Whats the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
eyes (^^) hehe


What do you usually order from Starbucks?
choco chip


Favorite TV show(s)?
criminal minds

Do you still watch kiddy movies?


What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
tomyum,padprikayam,nasi and miloice...bapak sedap!!!!!!!!!

Do you speak any other language?
bahasa ibunda.haha


Whats your favorite line?
"jgn nk ..sgt arr kn"haha

26. Describe your life in one word.

live LIFE to the fullest! eyay


What are you thinking about right now?
school kiddo.ahaks!


What should you be doing?


Who was the last person that made you upset/angry?
siapa lg dia la,but i do miss him!


What are you listening to?

Do you like working in the yard?

Do you ever want to get married? kids?
One fine day ;)

Do you act differently around the person you like?
naaahh i am wht i am , x suka blh arr.haha


What is your natural hair color?
Black x black sgt arr kn.hee


who was the last person to make you smile?
topek's myspce pic.hahaha


What is your favorite meal at your favorite fast food restaurant?
nandos food

Do you cut out coupons?


Whats the wierdest thing under your bed?
dh macam zoo dh bwh nie.hahaha mcm2 ada~

Monday, September 8, 2008

fasting at SEGi...

al-kisahhh....paling kelakar actly time sahur subuh td .pantry blackout then masak dlm bilik.haha x mcm pelik plk kn.dh la kelam kabut.bgn tdo mnd2 then g register fr 2nd sem.ouh god!sumpah terbaik gila class strt on next week,15th sept.hehe yeay!but then subjct yg x tahan islamic studies & comm and scholar.apa jadah ntah tu.mon to wed je.hehe best2 :) hurmm afta rgstr g buka kt kota dmnsara je.bazaar dia sumpah x stylo lgsg.asal ada je kot.buka td mkn nk tom yum je then lauk2 yg seangkatan dgn nye.hahaha ;p yg plg x bla blk tu dah la kena jln kaki.pegi naik keta amin skali 6 org : me,sya.ain,fna,nia & faa.then dh smpai segi lpk2 mlm, my dear lara blk.chit chat jp dgn dia smpai tertdo,then now baru nk posting2 bloggy nie.hee.okay currently im like so fckng mls nk mencurah kn apa so chalow!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

woah kekenyangan & kegumbiraan (:

now im busy lepaking with 9/13 people which are sheena the head shaz merangkap la tu.haha qila ariq zati n yg lain mcm am boy fna pon lpk jgk.afta buka lpk dgn diorang kt naluri then gerak tembok afta tht lpk dpn skolah 9 plk afta tht baru grk 9/13.segala jadah kitorang bwt tdo main card gelak jerit lompat mkn melalak semua la complete.ending dia g sahur.but smlm was the best sahur la kot.hehe :P
gi sahur kt 18 dgn bdk kecik tu then mcm haih melting la plk kn kalau pandang dia..hahah babisssssssss !!! mata dia x mcm cun plk.haih sabar je la.mkn2 borak2 dgn dia then dh nk imsak so arnd 5.30am tu grk la nk x nk kena gk kn.afta anta fhana then anta boy kt pj.pastu lpk dgn am kt bj while waiting fr cerah skit.mcm2 borak mostly psl si "dia" la.sape lg kalau bkn ank dato bndar tu kn.opppsss.x abes2 dgn problm dia.but wht evr it is thnx jgk kt dia cz bli kn somethng fr bday aku even tho lmbt lg.haih asl la kau perangai sgt.no matter wht people do change n fr him the best quotes is WHT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND aite :)bia tuhan tu je bls apa yg dia buat kt org lain.nsb la aku syg kau lg if x dh split kt muka kau tau x!!haih hurmmm currently mcm agk sedih gk nie cz jpg nk blk hostel dh so x blh lpk mlm as usual.hurmm so kena wait till next week je la tu pon on weekend je.blk blh jmpa bdk kecik tu.heheee :pk la nk packing brg.daa~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

back to school.

haha lawak rite the caption.suppose to be back to college.haih cuti kejap je boring btol.hurm back to the topic la konon kn.why it was there bcs of im hurmmm.hehe nth la.ist wrong to get crush with some is younger then us?x slh rite.yala myb its a bit weird cz im a girl.fr guys x de bnda la kot n its normal la if diorang nk find girls yg lg muda.but in my situation it split actly.ngee.alaa bdk skolah pon f5 je diffrnt age pn about a year je.so x heran la kot kn?huhu :) i knew him arnd ths early of 2008 but at tht time x pnah bertegur lgsg pn just mcm ushar2 la konon.heee :) gatal. yg 1st time jmpa tu pon cz ftn g brkfst dgn angah then i was lie tmn ftn la konon n tht guy tmn angh.ddk dpn2 tp ushar2 je siap blh berebut lg dgn ftn.hurmm x mcm mana one day nie lpk dgn my ex but tht time still in relation so kitorang mcm nk jealous kn each other dnt knw why i used tht school kids sbgai mangsa cemburu la konon cz he use my school mate kn.haha but its nothng actly.nothng2 pn time dh break x tau pahal blh sangkut plk.tu la org ckp jgn sebut2 lama2 bnda tu jd.kn dh kena.hee but x pe la mmg suka pn kn.ngeeeeeeee ;p then on 20 augst 1st i met him at darus ss15 but tht time still x mcm ckp sgt.2nd time kt putrajaya.hahah tht time cam stupid gila lpk skali but konon nk x nk pndang.blk tumpang kereta diorang then cm ddk sblah dia haha wtf mmg best la kn! dan2 plak si driver nk bantai lap mmg aku suka kot.hahahaha kau gila duh zeera gatal nk mampos.since tht day we get closer by texting2 then selalu cll semua till now.happily ever aftr (acik kau).haha know la myb just till ths level kot.but hope to be more la.huhu.hurmm dh la ngarut psl bdk skolah nie kang x sahur aku.nk masak.daa~

Friday, September 5, 2008

love is gone <3

today most of my time i was keep thinking of him, dnt knw why ths feeling comes again. i alrdy try my best to avoiding him, even tho a bit. hurmm myb ths wht love is call. i grown up without knowing any meaning of love and now im alrdy been bustard by the same words which is LOVE. somehow i feel like its better if dont know wht is love in my life. how ever people do grower and learn more about real things in their life so do i. in my pathetic life it begin when i was 14 y/o i got caught my feeling towards ths one boy tht same age with me.but then our relationship just strong fr a 3 months.yala its too young too love tht time.then my 2nd crush was in the same year.tht guy was a year older than me.we broke up bcs of he n his fmly got to move on from shah alam.since tht we're not close like bfr.by the end of year i met ths one guy which is my fnds brother.he 2years older than mine.ths was the shortest realtionship ever heard.about 2 weeks we together then broke up bcs he just cant frgt his ex-gf.so tht i move on.about 10 months im holding a single mingle tittle.haha suddenly again i met ths one guy tht is 17 tht time n im 15.he is actly frnds with my bestiey.about a month later he took my heart n we're officially concider as couple.tht time i felt like im in heaven of love with him cz anything tht happen we through it together no matter wht.the biggest mistake tht happen is bcs of my family cant accept him fr some other reason.but we built promises tht time, to still go through our relationship.when our 1st annvsry we clbrt it at sbg parade.tht time he was working at baskin robin then from home i cook fr him, fried rice je (his fav)hee.then we eat together.so do the move till 2nd annvsry we celeb at penang tht was the fckn blast memoirs tht i really cant frgt till now. aftr 2 years and half the relationship become more complicated till ths one day we fight till no ends n ending with damn words "clash".strting frm tht worst day my life no longer full cover with happines like bfr.im forcing my self in everything tht i done.then without my knowing its a year alrdy n currently im proud of my self cz dh x igt lg kt dia.yeay.hey its damn hard okay!then i knew ths guy which schoolin at sec9 n same age with me.about 1 month we frnd n he ask me fr being his gf then i just okay with tht.hurmm its a boring relation actly.durgghh break up again a month afta tht.i frgt everything about love n gap time of tht i fullfill with my work n frnd, famly too.hee. arnd dec 07 i knew one ths guy which is 19/20 tht time. i actly alrdy know him bfr.but never talk.suddenly my heart get stuck with him.on 1st jan 08 he approach me to be his partner in his life.i keep thinking fr a while.later i accept it with full of happines n excited feeling.i dont know why my relation with him so fckn diffrnt than others.bersabar was the main thngs tht i just meet.he lost fr a couple months then i still waiting again its happen and im still waiting with love from deep inside my heart.tht shit thgs not happen just once but so many time.till one day i cant handle it anymore n im asking fr a broke up .now im free of it but he still waiting on me.even tho i do love him but let he change him self 1st then build bck the relation,insyallah. LET THE FLOW LEAD THE WAY..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

im not lucky bcs im not in love with my bestfrnd (:

im so damn in love with ths lovely little song.its bring me out to fill like im at beach.hahha crappy me.durgghh i just cant stop keep listening to ths song.ouh gosh!
present to you : LUCKY !!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

typical boredom day :(

haih wattafook boring duh today.no plans at all.im just getting bored by stay at home whole day.hurmm today bgn2 je dh 2pm sahur mkn gila banyak plk.nk buka pon cam so fckn lmbt .nothing else to do just online la.wanna talk bout wht also dnt have any idea lorhh.am plk x blk frm hostel lg sumpah bosan.myb mlm je kot baru lpk.wht channel aite yg best fr watching rite now?lalalala nk tdo pon dh xlarat.simple to say TODAY IS SO FCKNG BORED LIKE HELL !!! grrr